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Sarah Smith.podollan

dance coach | masterclasses | adjudicator   

Sarah Smith-Podollan | Dance Educator



I love dance. As a very shy child dance became my voice, my expression of who I was. I want to help young dancers find their own unique power in their quest of becoming the best dancer they can be. 


By using my 25+ years of teaching experience I have created a dance training method called myDANCEjournal.

I use myDANCEjournal with the dancers I currently coach in person and on Zoom. This is a thought driven methodology as I truly believe mindset is 99% of training. 

With 13+ years of experience as a professional dancer in L.A. I love sharing some of my stories and experiences in myDANCEblog posts. I'm no writter but it's fun and theroputic to put my thoughts down on "paper".

As a mother of three young boys I see the power in mentorship and guidance carried out by the activities they love. I am honoured by the opportunities to shape young dancers and to call myself a dance educator. 




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