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my fears

Do you know what I’m most scared of? Failure. I don’t think I’m alone in this. In fact I think that’s most people's biggest fear.

We can metabolize fear in so many ways. We can run from it, it can paralyze us, it can even fuel us.

Looking back through my dance training & career I can say fear was very present however I didn’t always recognize it as such. It usually surfaced as emotions like jealousy, hate or just pretending it wasn’t there. Arg. That was hard to write & admit.

So how do we work through fear so that it doesn't weigh us down & instead propels us in the direction that we are wanting to go? Well, to be honest it’s a learned skill. This skill is still a work in progress for me & something I work on everyday.

Currently my biggest fear is that my mindset course for dancers called myDANCEmindset will not take off. That I have spent so much time, energy & money on it but people won’t see the value in it that I see.

Have I thought about throwing in the towel? Yup. (That was another one that was hard to admit.) I have because it sometimes just feels like it would be easier to quit. The negative thoughts like “I’ll never…” or “I’m not good enough…” are inevitable to creep in for everyone, we’re human! That’s how we’re wired.

And that’s just it! We will all feel fear. It’s a part of life, daily life actually. But strengthening our mindset skills in order to flip our thoughts into gratefulness, looking at the positive & why you maybe started something in the first place is needed so we can live a happier more powerful life.

To get myself out of these thoughts I have to remember why I am putting in all this time & work into myDANCEmindset in the first place. It’s not for me, it’s for young dancers out there to learn how to undeniably believe in themselves. So they can carry themselves through life in whatever they do by staying in line with their values with courage & poise.

I am 43 years old. I wish someone had told me what mindset was all about when I was a young dancer training, competing, auditioning, comparing myself & growing. Maybe the self doubt & fear that I have now around myDANCEmindset wouldn’t be quite as strong.

Like I said before, mindset is something we all need to work on everyday. It doesn't need to take hours to gain strength. In fact it just takes minutes. The program myDANCEmindset is designed exactly that way. It only takes 5-10 a day.

Not only can mindset give us the extra edge as a dancer it will set yourself up for a more successful life in whatever you do.

Train your brain with myDANCEminset. Next session starts May 3rd. For dancers 10-18


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