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Stacey's Story

I want to share a story with you that I know you’ll find inspiring.

In 2002 my friend Stacy was the most sought after dancer in Los Angeles. She was in every music video on MTV, movie & TV show. She was the IT girl! She had the career every commercial dancer in LA wanted.

Here’s what I find interesting & most valuable about her journey to “the top”…

Stacy had almost zero flexibility, flat feet & no gymnastics tricks up her sleeve.

“Whaaaaat?!!!” You say, “But IG, FB & all the social platforms say those things are what makes a dancer?!!!”

Look, I am not about to say that those things don’t matter, because they do! Keep training to gain strength, flexibility & all the things. What I am going to say though with 100% commitment is that those things aren’t everything. In fact they’re a small piece of the pie.

So what did Stacy have that a lot of dancers with the best turnout, flexibility and tricks didn’t?

Drive, Grit & the belief that she was more than enough. She had the confidence + passion to get her to that position. When she danced you couldn’t help but watch her because she put her heart & soul into every movement.

Stacy’s super power was her unwavering mindset that she could make her dreams come true.

Did she always have this mindset? Heck no! She had to strengthen this skill. ALOT! She had a huge obstacle to overcome... She was born with only ½ her hearing. So she was basically def.

She had to believe in herself when others didn’t. She had to crush the odds & prove she could become a professional dancer when everyone else said, “no way”.

So here is my question to you dancers; when you hit a big obstacle like Stacy did, how are you going to handle it? How are you going to react? Are you going to listen to everyone around you or are you going to stay strong in who you are and what you believe in?

Remember, this is a skill that needs to be strengthened. We are faced with little obstacles every day. Yes, every day. When that big obstacle like Stacy’s comes your way are you going to be ready?

I want you to be ready.

There’s a lot of good dancers out there, but I know you want to be great! These are life skills dancers.Train your brain with myDANCEmindset starting May 3rd.

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