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What are your questions and concerns?

I'm a dancer, dance teacher and educator but I'm not a dance parent (unfortunately... at least not yet! There's still hope for my middle son). So I really need your help to try and see dance through the eyes of a dance parent.

As I'm growing my on-line dance community I've realized I really want to include dance parents as a part of my platform.


Because parenting is difficult and I want to support you and make things a little less stressful at dance. But if I don't know your questions and concerns then I'm just guessing and may miss the mark.

My other main reason for starting this conversation is we are stronger together. If we can create similar cultures at home and in the dance studio by using the same verbage, values and goal setting systems, our message will be clearer for our dancers.

As a parent of three boys who play hockey I definitely have questions and concerns. Some of them tranfer over into dance but I know I'm missing some. I know the parents of the girls on a predominantly boy hockey team have different concerns then I do. So asking this next question is really important for me... Dance Dads, What is it like having a daughter/son in dance? This question is huge!!! Cuz I really don't know what that's like at all!!! I want to hear some real, raw feedback as to what your questions and concerns are. This will be so valuable to me and the rest of the community. Share stories so we can navigate this together and help others. (did you know you can leave a comment at the bottom of this blog? Or on the FB or IG feed)

To be honest! I made a post on IG and FB Wednesday morning asking Dance Parents their questions and concerns so I could better support and guess what?!!! I almost posted it saying "Dear Dance Moms"!!! That is horrible!!! How could I have been so closed minded to think Dance Dads aren't a part of this!! They are a huge part of this!! I remember when my dad stopped going to my dance performances around age 15. I didn't get it, now I know why. Lol. So how can I help? How can I provide information and guidance to other dance dads so they can continue supporting their female dancer without feeling creepy or weird?

Look, I am putting together information for dancers, dance teachers, studio owners and dance parents all in one platflorm. We are in this together and need to know each others thoughts to help our dancers become their best unique and creative self. That means communication is key.

If you have any articles, books, links to share, please do so. Like I said, I want to start a converstion, I don't want to lecture.

Let's start here.

I've made a list of topics below. Please add to them in the comments...

  1. Body image

  2. Confidence

  3. Costumes

  4. Song choices

  5. Dance styles

  6. Age appropriate moves

  7. Injuries

  8. Longevity in a dance career

  9. What does a dance career look like

  10. How can dance help even if they don't want to dance professionally?

  11. Teenage years .. Oh god.

  12. Comparison

  13. Flexibility

  14. Make up

  15. Anxiety

  16. Over training

Ok your turn. Please add anything you can think of in the comments below. I want the good, bad and the ugly. The deeper we go the more valuable the information will be.

I've aready received the one below. Thank you Taryn for being the first to join in on the conversation.


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