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How's everyone doing?

Holy crap, what the heck is happening?!

I hope you and your loved ones are well and safe. Who knew something like this was is the mix? My husband showed me this today. Crazy.

In situations like this (well, we've never actually been through something like THIS in our life time!) it might be easy to point the finger, get upset and say woulda coulda shoulda. But what good does that do us?... just causes stress and anxiety.

We can't control the past so let's focus on what we can control in the present.

*Our Attitude

*Our Effort

*Our Actions

My attitude is let's make the most of this quarantined life...

We're making lemonade over here people!! We haven't spent this much time as a family without dance or hockey breaking up the day in a very long time. Although the boys are super bummed spring hockey has been canceled and I'm sad that all the work we've done at the studio leading up to competition season might not see the light of day, we are seeing the bright side of things.

I get to spend more time with my family... for better or for worse. Lol. So far it's definitely for the better... ask me on day 14!

Things have changed and we're all learning to adapt together.

On-line dance classes are now becoming a day to day reality and dry land training for the boys is where it's at for hockey.

We have done daily yoga as a family!! Do you know how happy this makes me??? I love it!!! It's something I've always dreamed of and now it's actually happening.... it only took a pandemic.

Seriously though...

It's been fun looking at things from a different point of view and has even given me a helpful push into developing some on-line programs I've been wanting to do for awhile.

All of these recent changes and last minute scrambling had me go back and read read my blog from 2 weeks ago when I talked about how best to deal with these things and keep a good attitude!

Which brings me to my next point....

We as a family are putting in the effort to stop this MF, are you?

Jason's Mom has been doing grocery runs for us (thank you Carol) and we haven't left the house other then for walks.

Yes, we've been going for walks to keep our sanity and to walk the dog but we don't live in a highly populated place. And if we do come across anyone, we kindly stop, make sure they're at least 6 feet away then continue.

Oh by the way!!! You know who is so pumped about this whole thing? Our dog. You guys, Lucky hasn't pooped or peed in the house in 6 days.... sooooo, come to find out there isn't something wrong with him. It's us that need to walk him more.

Who knew?

Ya learn something everyday. Note to self: we definitely need to put more effort in the dog walking department when this whole thing is over.

Sometimes I question if all this isolation is absolutely necessary as it's completely crushing our economy. But I'm respecting the authorities as I don't know the real facts and have no better solution. I do hope the effort going into a game plan to help small business and such after this is over is already being put into place. Cuz if we had problems with depression and anxiety before this whole thing????? Well, sh*t.


My husband and I were on the plane to Florida when this whole thing was coming down hard. When we landed we found out the NHL got cancelled... which to my husband was like the end of the world must be coming. But honestly, if we were not leaving until the following day I'm not sure if we would have gone.

I just have to thank goodness we were traveling without the kids.

When we landed and were getting caught up with the news, we heard about the whole toilet paper thing... I mean... What? In our own little town? I would have expected American's to do stuff like that but not Canadians....l can say that, I'm American... and proud of it but let's be truthful here, there is a difference in overall culture.

I love you America.

It was so disappointing to hear of these things happening but I guess when you get scared and you're in fight or flight you can do some crazy things.

My point is with actions is to try and stay compassionate with people. Be reasonable. Stay calm. And when it's not your turn to talk, just listen. Think before you react.

We're all in this together.... literally!!

Let's work together as much as possible. We are stronger together.

Ok, enough of that.

Our family highlights so far...

My husband and I have cleaned out our furnace room, I've started organizing old pictures and memorabilia (some of you may have gotten a snap shot sent to you from back in the day), we've played countless games of Pond Hockey-opoly, Hudson lip sang "Empire State of Mind" with me in the kitchen, we played spoons tonight and I don't think I've laughed that hard in a very long time.

So yeah, so far this event has brought us closer as a family and I'm thankful for that. We'll see what the future holds. I can't control what has or what will happen in the world but what I can control is...

My attitude

My effort

My actions

Good health and happiness to you all.


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