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No, I'm not talking sports bras people! Or am I?

How much is too much support for our kids? Do you watch every rehearsal, practice, game, show, competition, showcase? Honestly, I don't know what the right amount is. This is a question that can only be answered by you and your family. I am just hoping to plant a seed for you to maybe sit with and ponder.

The other day I wasn't able to watch one of my boys at hockey practice. Life is busy and I had stuff I needed to get done while he was on the ice. I had mom guilt. Everybody else's mom, dad or grandparent was there to watch (or so it seemed). And when I told him I wasn't able to stay he said, "nobodies going to be watching me?" With sad eyes. That really dug the knife in.

The "stuff" I needed to do was a dance rehearsal for a Hospice fundraiser for I was dancing at called Dancing With The Vernon Stars. At the end of the rehearsal I told the other two dancers I had to run because TJ was getting off the ice and I already felt guilty I wasn't there to watch much less not there when he got off the ice. One of them said, "why do you feel guilty? Could you imagine if every parent watched their kids dance classes?" Hmmmmm.... this made me think. How much is too much? Does it depend on the sport? Does it depend on what other families do? Does it depend on the child?

My mom never watched my dance classes. She couldn't. There was no viewing windows in the studio I grew up at. But even if she could, she wouldn't have. She would drop me off at the door and not even come in because every time she did come in she would be hit with some gossip or drama that she didn't want to hear. Hmmmmmm.....Got me thinking again.

Do we we create more drama for our kids and our lives by being too involved? By being too supportive? Do we not give them enough freedom and places for them to navigate and figure things out for themselves? Again, I'm not judging or even know what's right for my family right now. I'm just presenting this for you to ponder because it's definitely got me thinking. Do I want to be a comfortable, no underwire bra or a tight fitting sports bra kind of parent?... or maybe something in between. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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