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.... I can't decide.

I guess I can't decide what the hardest part of quarantine was because the challenges seemed to change daily even though the surroundings didn't.

Ok, wait a minute..Let's rewind...

If someone asked me if quarantine was hard for me and my family I would say, "no." The good out weighed the bad for sure. However, there were unique challenges that presented themselves.

Like having to deal with the things busy schedules usually drowns out.

Specifically having more time to sit with our own thoughts.

Before the month of May is over I want to honour and recognize that its mental health awareness month. And while I've never been medicated for depression I have gone to therapy and counselling for it.

The biggest thing I learned from therapy is our thoughts are what drive us. Either into the light, into the dark or otherwise.

Our thoughts make us feel anxious, scared, frustrated, down, unworthy....

No person or situation can make us feel a certain way, rather it's how we think about what happened with the person or in a situation that creates our feeling around it.

Look, I'm no therapist and I'm far from figuring this all out. But I am much more aware than I used to be and actively working on recognizing my negative thoughts before I let myself spiral further.

Sitting with our thoughts can be very uncomfortable.

When speaking to Scott Hislop LIVE on The L.A.X. Saturday morning. We talked about his three knee surgeries, arm surgery and how he got through them.... mentally.

When you're hurt and can't do the thing that you love the most, all you have are your thoughts.

His first knee surgery took him out of dancing for a year just as his career was getting started. It was one of the hardest years he's ever had to endure but in retrospect he is very thankful for this time. In that year he learned so much about himself as a person and became mentally stronger. Scott shared if he didn't have to slow down he probably wouldn't have taken the time to look inward that deeply.

Most of us don't.

Most people don't take the time to stop and look inward because it's hard. It's uncomfortable. And more than likely things get messy before they get better.

I hope you've been able to take the time to look inward during these crazy times. To learn more about who you are and what your values are.

May is mental health awareness month. Check in with yourself and your loved ones.


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