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The answer is pretty simple...

...they earned it!

What does that mean exactly?

They have awesome work ethic!!

work eth·ic /wərk ˈeTHik/

noun the principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward.

*they work hard

*they pay attention in class

*they're engaged

*they have a good attitude

*they only miss class for good reason

*they want it

...and want to earn it!

Let's be honest, hard work is rewarded in life... and it should be! Either monetarily, with a promotion at work, or in this case with a "special part". I mean think about it. If you're the boss of a company and you need to hire someone, are you going to give the job to the person who sometimes "shows up" or the person who shows up all the time?

Now, as a dance teacher of students ages 10-18 I'm not the boss and I'm not hiring dancers. What I am doing is helping dancers become the best they can be. I am as fair as I possibly can by giving each dancer in my classes the opportunity to earn special parts, solos, duets, etc.... I want to see all my students rock it! I don't just give certain students corrections to make them better, I hand corrections and praises out to everyone. I give every student the same opportunity to progress and earn those special parts. They're in the same class together and can hear and see everything that I'm offering. It's up to them on how they want to absorb and apply the information.

Hello work ethic!

If you have a dancer or you yourself feel like you've checked all the boxes to earn a "special spot" and haven't gotten one, have the conversation with your teacher. Respectfully of course. Ask what more you can do to earn a "special spot" or have better work ethic. And I mean the student needs to ask, not the parent. It really needs to come from the dancer. Why? Because THEY have to want it. Sometimes when I get questions like this from parents I often think, "Who is actually wanting this? Because the effort the student is showing in class doesn't line up."

I hope this has helped guide you with any questions you may have pertaining to this subject. It really is a life lesson. I have to remind myself often; when the outcome of something isn't what I had hoped it's usually because I didn't have the best work ethic to get to where I wanted to go.

Food for thought: Better work ethic usually leads to higher skill level.


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