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...Said no mother or teacher ever!

When I hear my kids or students say "I can't do this" it breaks my heart.

It breaks my heart because sometimes I believe in them more than they believe in themselves.

But here's the deal, the person that needs to believe in you the most is YOU!

So how can we help our kids and students to believe in themselves?

Well, first off we can be good examples and show them how it's done.

This was the quote in myDANCEjournal this week...

"When you need something to beleive in, start with yourself."

This really resonated with me this week because I'm prepping to do some mindest classes this summer at a couple different intensives and believing in yourself keeps surfacing in my research.

You need to believe in yourself more then anyone else to achieve your goals. Yes, other people can help you, give you support and cheer you on but ultimately it's you that needs to believe.

What all encompasses believing in yourself?

Here's what I think.

  1. Finding confidence by not comparing myself to others

  2. Figuring out what exactly I want to earn (or achieve)

  3. Creating a clear realistic plan to go by

  4. Have positive self talk

  5. Visualize myself acheiving things every little step of the way

Number five is soooooo important because if you can't see youself where you want to be in the future how the heck are you supose to get there... or believe that you can get there!

Look, I could go down a really wordy pyschological path about how powerful our minds are and how we only use a small percentage of our brain power. (We use our whole brain but not to it's full capacity.) But the fact is we do only use a very small percentage of it's power because we choose not to use more. Not because we can't.

Using our brain power might seem crazy to you. That's ok. I'm just planting a seed here, go do some more digging on your own.

You may have heard the term manifest. This means to reveal outwardly or make apparent. You manifest dreams and goals by believing and "seeing" what will be first. This will then allow the universe to reveal them outwardly.

Believing is a practice. It doesn't just turn on like a light switch. You need to practice it on the daily. Just like the physical act of dance training.

I feel like "believing" is getting harder as I get older. I'm not sure why. Maybe life got too busy. When I was younger I just did it. I would "see" and "dream" about where I'd want to be in the future.

Lately I have been actively trying to strengthen my "believe in myself" muscle. I want to encourage and support my students/kids to do the same.

I really think this is the missing puzzle piece for many people. When we feel lost, anxious, unconfident, nervous or depressed believing in yourself can help. And see yourself in the place where you want to get to.

Try it.

Close your eys.

See where you want to be in the future.

Be specific. Have the details in place.


Now do this every day.

I'd love to know how this goes for you. It does take practice and persistance.... believe me, I'm working on it!

But go for it! Believe in yourself. Why not?

Be a good example for those around you, young or not so young.

...don't forget to have some fun with it along the way.


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