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Props to all the mama-preneurs out there.

Being a mom and keeping a house hold running smoothly is hard enough. Now layer a start up business on top of that?.... holy moly.

Some days I'm all in and some days I ask myself, "What the heck am I thinking?" and break down crying... like right now.

But this is life.

It's about growning and working through the hard times to make us stronger and wiser than we were before.

I really admire mothers who have their own sucessful small business. Not to mention the mamas who work full time, part time, stay at home mama's.... you name it. The juggle is real!

From laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning toilets, sinks, floors, dusting, building a website, advertising, learning how to market, budgets, scheduling, home schooling, desiging t-shirts, invoicing, taking the dog out, learning computer programs, driving the kids around, spending quality time with the family with no distractions.... you get it. Most of you know exactly what I'm talking about. Which is why I'm not writing this to have a pitty party for myself. I'm writing this because I want to give props to all the mama's entrepreneurs out there. Entrepreneurship is where I am sitting right now so that's why I'm highlighting them. I don't want to discount any mamas out there!! You are all amaz-balls!

Getting done what I listed above is all possible. However we have to remind ourselves it's ok and necessary for our well being to ask for help.... and not feeling guilty about it.

Like now, I'm crying in my room while writing this as my kids are stripping their beds so I can wash their sheets and my husband is cleaning up breakfast. Am I grateful for their help? Absolutely. However the feeing of guilt is somehow overpowering my gratefulness.

lead·er·ship /ˈlēdərˌSHip/


the action of leading a group of people or an organization.

Leadership...This is such an interesting word. There are many interpretations of this word out there. What is your idea of a good leader? How do they run the ship?

Since starting on my entrepreneurial journey the idea of being a leader within my "company" has been a challenge for me. I honestly have never thought of myself as a leader. In my head leaders were these big personalities who were great at telling people what to do and knew everything. I don't see myself as such.

But as I read more, my idea of what I thought a leader should be are totally old school and wrong. The more I read I'm discovering mamas are actually the perfect people for leadership roles. Running a household with all the moving parts is very similar to running a business. Neither is easy but both can be run as a well oiled machine.

...with ups and down of course.

I am so impressed with many mama entrepenuers I see out there today. I admire them so much and want to sit down with them to pick their brain. How the heck do you do it?! What has your journey been like? Where did you start? How did you navigate the ups and downs and find the time to do it all?!

Unlike my blog last week where I proclaimed my self recongnition of finally being able so say I am a good dance teacher LOL, I am definitely not ready to say I am a good leader. I believe I am on my way but still have some work to do.

I do know deciding in your mind that you are good at something is a great place to start. Saying, "I am a leader" out loud everyday is a good place to start for me for sure. Just wrapping my head around the thought and stepping into those shoes with commitment is huge.

Aside from hiring someone, cuz that's just not in the cards for me yet, do you, the mama entrepreneurs out there (or otherwise! Honestly, this is for single mama's, part time mama's, stay at home mama's, full time mamas, any mama!!!) do you have some other advice for me? Do you have a secert sauce? Can you share the one thing that made it all come together for you? Do you feel like you're drowning some days? What keeps your head above water? What keeps you going? Please tell me your thoughts, tips and tricks.

Yup I'm asking for your help. I'm learning leaders ask for help too.

Don't get me wrong, I love my life and feel nothing but gratitude for my job, family and where I live. But there's always room for growth. And if you know me I'm not one to lean away from obstacles.

Thank you in advance.


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