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...a bitter sweet International Dance Day

I can't imagine what it was like for the studio owners who had to close their doors because of COVID.

My heart breaks for them.

Owning a dance studio is hard work and for most they can't survive without generating revenue for one week much less multiple months.

Last weeks myDANCEjournal quote was "You know you're a dancer when your studio is like your second home"

Yesterday was International Dance Day and my thoughts couldn't help but go to those studio owners and dancers without a "home".

I remember having countless meals, doing my homework, hanging out and even taking naps at my studio growing up. If I didn't have those experiences I think I'd feel like something was missing in my life.

Dance is about community. The strongest fiendships I've had in my life were built in the dance studio. You see each other through the highs, lows and in your most vulnerable moments. The bonds that are created just can't be explained.

Being a part of a dance family is pretty special. For those that are trying to find a new family I hope you find one soon and if not, create one! That is the beauty of having access to people online. You can connect with people who love dance in every corner of the earth.

I love International Dance Day because it reminds me that no matter what language you speak verbally you can always connect with someone through dance. It also reminds me of how many different styles of dance are out there... there's so many that I don't even know about!

I'm not sure how to help with this heart breaking situation of studios closing down other then to try and help motivate dancers. I try to do that with my IG & FB posts, stories, Tip Tuesdays and blogs. I loved doing The L.A.X. LiVES too. There's always the option of having private coaching sessions with me or any other teacher who offer them. I will try and think of other ways keep dancers motivated too. If you have any ideas please let me know.

If you're looking for a new "home" I want to urge you to connect with other dancers, learn about different styles, develop your own style, create a community that feels like family and to just keep dancing in whatever capacity you can. So many dancers who have trained so hard all through their teens quit as soon as they graduate, it breaks my heart. And now, there are so many that have quit even earlier because they've lost their community, their "home". Please, don't just quit.

In honour of International Dance Day a few years ago my family and I made a video. Take a look, I hope it makes you smile. We had a blast making it!

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