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What does your summer dance training look like?

Don't get me wrong, I love summer! But when I said goodbye to my last "regular season" class on Wednesday I was so sad.

I was sad because I felt like in just the four weeks we had back in the studio after quarrantine we had come such a long way to then say.... "see ya in two months".

Let me be clear, I will see some of those dancers during the summer but not all. And just as teachers in school, I fear when September comes around I will be using that whole month (or more) to catch some dancers up to get back where we left off this last Wednesday.


Let's just keep the momentum going!

There's so many ways...

  1. Private lessons once a week with personalized exercises to work on when you're on your own at home. I CAN HELP

  2. Intensives ~ go to other studios! Take class from new teachers! Go outside your comfort zone and grow. I'm going to be in Vernon, Salmon Arm and Kelowna. Come see me!

  3. Classes at your home studio.

  4. Ask to assist at some of the younger camps at your studio.

  5. Online classes.... they're everywhere!

  6. Create your own classes, on your own time, in your own space

When I was younger, growing up in the USA, summer training was where it was at! I was literally gone all summer; either at national competitions or training in Los Angeles.

I realize this "all-in" approach isn't for everyone. However, I loved it and my parents supported it.

When I moved up to Canada I learned that a lot of dancers took the whole summer off. I was flabbergasted! Lol. They camped and spent time with their families.... interesting concept. ;-)

There has got to be a happy medium here people!

For the safety of our dancers there's got to be a happy medium.

As Sally said on The L.A.X. LiVE Saturday morning "dancers are the most dynamic athletes out there." I couldn't agree more. The agility, strength, body awareness and artistic finesse required to call yourself a dancer is astounding.

So how the heck can two months off possibly be good for an athlete requiring that many skills?

It's not.

I urge you, dancers and parents, find what summertime training works for your family and your dancer.

It doesn't even need to be a dance classes. Although when doing fitness and strength training I alway urge dancers to execute exercises "Like a dancer does it." With the same artistic finesse you would if you where in a dance class.

Most of you know I have three boys who all play hockey. They were off the ice for two months during COVID. I have to be honest, I was so nervous for them to get back out on the ice. I mean two whole months off the ice how could they possibly feel strong on their edges?

To my surprise they did!

They felt strong because we were still doing dry land training with them... mountain biking, circuit training, running, calisthenics. They felt amazing!!! My oldest even said he felt stronger. I was so relieved.

My point is dance training during the summer doesn't necessarily have to be dance classes (although a few is ideal). It can be training with your family on camping trips, writing in your myDANCEjournal when you're going to get up and go for a run, what days you're going to jump rope, do a circuit with some strength training, what evenings are you going to spend stretching to gain flexibility, work on your turning drills..... and the list goes on....

If you need guidance I'd be happy to help AND Miss Sally was gracious enough to post three amazing workouts in the comments of our LiVE Saturday. Use them! That gives you three workouts a week. Along with playing with friends, jumping on the trampoline, dancing in your living room... you'll be money!!

Please get me out of these summer times blues and tell me about how you are planning on staying "dance ready" this summer. Honestly, I'd love to hear about any programs out there or what you're planning on your own.

Along with my weekly dance blog I'll be posting regularly on my IG feed with inspiration and workouts so please be sure to follow me.

Happy Summer.


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