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It's my one year anni!!!

I have written a blog everyweek for a year.

Now to some people that might not seem like a big deal but for me it totally is.... and I am celebrating!

I published my very first blog on September 4, 2019 titled "What are you showing the world." I had just finished producing The Los Angeles Dance Experience at Accentz in Vernon, B.C. and was inspired by one of the teachers who taught during The L.A.X., Micheal Munday, to write it.

I started myDANCEblog for three reasons:

  1. I wanted to share my thoughts and obsrvations as a dance teacher and mom. I had a lot going on in my head and felt by getting them down on paper and committing to an audience it would keep me accountable.

  2. I was also looking to start conversations on different topics. Everyone who has engaged on FB and IG thank you so much! You've helped me see things from different points of view and I love that!

  3. I just wanted the challenge of writing. For someone who is on the dyslexic spectrum this was a very vulnerable undertaking and waaaay out of my comfort zone.

Looking back at all myDANCEblog posts from the last year I can defintely say I accomplished what I set out to do.

I have learned I need to have my publisher (aka my husband) look over each and every blog before I publish it. There was one post in particular that I remember crying over and beating myself up for spelling a word wrong... more then once throughout the blog. That was not fun. However, all of you, my amazing friends and readers were so compationate when I expressed my frustration and disapointment with myself. So thank you, that really meant and still means a lot.

I remember one post that almost didn't happen. I woke up that Sunday morning and just didn't feel like writing it. But I dug deep, just like I teach my students and produced one. It was titled "Consistancy" and one of the more popular ones. I'm glad I wrote it for so many reasons - helping motivate others to stay consistant with things they care about made me the most proud.

Another post that sticks out to me is the second blog I published, "Crappy Situations". I wrote it, then had second thoughts of publishing it because I thought it might be too harsh. It ended up being my most viewed blog with 392 reads to date! I guess you need to push the envelope sometimes to grab readers.

I also learned what picture I used made a huge difference as to who was going to click and read the blog. It seems pictures of me and Britney Spears are attention grabbers. Lol.

This was another favorite that was a bit risque, "Why does she\he get all the special parts?" The truth sucks sometimes and we hate to see our kids upset but that's sometimes when they grow the most.

During the month of June I changed my website's URL. I haven't gotten all my blog posts switched over to the new site yet. I'm working on it. Unfortunately when switching them over I loose all of the historical view counts... hmmm....not sure if the view counts actually matter or if they just feed my ego. Lol.

Any who, I am so thankful for all the engagement over the last year. I am gratefuI for everyone of my readers! I hope I have put some deeper thoughts into motion and helped entertain new ideas. Maybe one of my blog topics has even become a dinnertime discussion at your family table!

Like I started my very first myDANCEblog post...

Welcome to my very first "My Dance Journal" post. Am I the greatest writer? FAR FROM IT! BUT I feel like I have things that I've learnt in my profession dance/acting career, things that I'm trying to figure out currently as a human on planet earth and things that I've observed as a dance teacher that would be of value to The L.A.X. community... And just to get things off my chest! hahaha! So.... here goes it...

And here goes year #2!!! I'm excited to see what it evolves into this year.

#myDANCEblog #keepjournaling

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