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That simple phrase can lift you up.

It's almost holiday season!! A very special time of year to give thanks and help those in need. This year above any other I feel like we could all use a little help from our friends to spread some love.

Last week in myDANCEjournal LiVE our community talked about tools to help with stress, nervousness and anxiety. Did you know helping others can relieve stress? I know when I'm feeling like I'm drowning in my own crap, taking a step back and looking outward to help someone else can raise my spirits and even help me get back on track with what I am dealing with.

I love this artical by the Huffington Post.. 10 Facts That Prove Helping Others Is The Key To Happyness.

When thinking about this concept... helping others to lift myself up... it first sounded very selfish to me. I didn't think it was right that my motivation to helping others should be to actually help myself. But ya know what? In the end everyone is happier so who cares what your motivation is? Acts of kindness are contagious... that sounds like a pandemic I'd like to be a part of.

A very important thing to remember however, is to not give too much away so there's not enough time or energy to take care of yourself properly. Gosh, doesn't life just seem like a balancing act sometimes? But here's the deal, you don't have to spead money or lots of time to release those feel good chemicals in your brain to lift you up. All it takes is a kind "Hello","Can I help you?", "Would you like some help?", holding the door open for someone or even just a friendly smile to a stranger.

If you think you're ready for more then that though I'm sure there are many organizations in your community where you could volunteer, donate to or help organize events/fundrasers. The community of myDANCEjournal LiVE has decided to adopt a family this year for Christmas through an amazing local society called NOYFSS. In this program families who can't provide a Christmas for their family are adopted by another family or organization to help bring them cheer with gifts on their list.

The dancers of myDANCEjournal LiVE will be in charge of getting the word out to their studio families at Accentz Dance Studio through posters, videos, presenting to their dance classes, chats, composing emails, organizing a check list of gifts and decorating the drop boxes. Together they will gather what is needed and accomplish something grand! Not only will they have helped others but they will have accomplished it as a community. The feel good chemicals will be flowing!! Win, win, win!!!

I am so excited to be apart of this beautiful project. If you'd like to learn more about this program or would like to donate to our cause please let me know. We haven't been assigned a family yet but when we are I will get the specifics out there with what is on the family's list.

The next time you're feeling down take a step back, help someone else for a moment before returning to your issue. Take note on how it affects you.

Oh! And one more piece of advice that my beautiful friend Sharmon shared with me this week is if someone asks if they can help you, you ALWAYS say yes. ;-) I love that.

Now go spread kindness however you can think of!


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